This calculator is available to assist you with projecting your SAP cumulative GPA, and Completion rate (Pace) as measured by the federal SAP policy standards. Please use the information from your unofficial transcript. Your unofficial Pepperdine transcript may be assessed via WaveNet under the Student Center.

Please note: Credits you have passed repeatedly cannot be counted more than once toward your program of study and are excluded from your passed credits. However, they are included in your attempted credits. Also, maximum time frame cannot exceed 192 units is not included in this calculator. Transfer grades are not included in your GPA calculation, however, the transfer units that are accepted are included in your total unit calculation. For more information review the Academic Policies and Guidelines.

IMPORTANT: While this calculator may provide you with your estimated term completion rate and Pepperdine cumulative GPA, this is for your information only and is not an exact measurement of SAP. Your cumulative estimated results will appear in the box below.

For more details regarding the SAP policies, visit the SAP Policy website.

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