Seaver Undergraduate students interested in being enrolled in part-time status (less than 12 units) may use this calculator to determine their pro-rated costs and financial assistance for the semester.

The results of the calculator are an estimate and not guaranteed. The accuracy of your estimated awards are based on the information you provide. The EFC (Expected Family Contribution) you enter into the calculator will be used to determine potential eligibility for federal aid.

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Future Term (To be utilized prior to the start of a semester and/or through the end of the add/drop period)

Current Term (To be utilized after the end of the add/drop period, excluding summer)

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Future Term Calculator

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Semester Tuition:


Unit Price:


Estimated Tuition $0
Current Estimated Tuition $0
- Amount to Credit - $0
Estimated Projected Tuition $0
Percent to Credit 0%
Current Enrollment Status <1/2 Time
Projected Enrollment Status <1/2 Time

Institutional Grants/Scholarships 🛈

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Semester Amount Adjusted Amount

Cal/Federal Grant

Semester Amount Adjusted Amount

Semester Award

Total Institutional Grant $0
Faculty/Staff Tuition Discount $0
Federal Pell Grant $0
FSEOG Award $0
Cal Grant $0
Total Semester Award $0

Semester Cost of Attendance 🛈

Estimated Tuition $0
Room & Board 🛈 $9,280
Books & Supplies $500
Personal Expenses 🛈 $750
Loan Fees 🛈 $33
Wellness Fee $250
Transportation $500
Campus Life Fee $126
Total Budget $0
- Total Semester Award $0
Remaining Cost $0